Forget Me Not

Left house to copy and mail Quebec Health reimbursement. Make copies then realize forgot the address data. Returned home then returned to post office to send. Forget to send in Rogers bill payment. Forgot another item today but cannot remember what it was. Was getting very down on myself due to continual forgetting and then got call re MRI appointment and that was good news. One year later but still good news.

Oh yes. I found that the CQ facsimile package I had prepared and photocopied earlier was missing the Oct 04 CQ copy. I left it out of the original batch. Had to go find the jpeg file and then print that to submit with the others. Formatting is different but should be OK for reimbursement purposes.


Dr H Log – 13:29:35

Have been forgetting to do this
Trying to learn web design
Have headache top left crown
Doctor wants me to slow down and stop what I am doing when this happens

Very frustrating as how do I recover when I have to take it easy?

Also forgot I was making soup for lunch, the soup boiled over and made a huge mess. This is a typical forgetting event. I have to be more vigilant.

This is a test post. This site was first started in 2007 and then I tried to post after after our team was terminated and again a year later.

At those earlier times I had great difficulty with writing and now I know why.